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Sierpinski Hamantaschen ... or Sierpinskitaschen

I was lazy didn't have time this year to make my own hamantaschen, so I had to depend upon the kindness of others for my blueberry fix (my favorite kind).  But in the interest of entertainment I came across this article about hamantaschen baked in the shape of a Sierpinski triangle. 

A Sierpinski triangle, according to that mathematics expert The Oxford Dictionary, is "a fractal based on a triangle with four equal triangles inscribed in it. The central triangle is removed and each of the other three treated as the original was, and so on."  
I don't have the rights to republish a photo of Deborah Gardner's version, so you will have to visit her blog to see her amazing and delicious creation for yourself.  She also provides her grandmother's recipe so you can make a Sierpinskitaschen of your own.  Or t least the kind that can fit in your pocket.