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Spiced-Up Sweet Potato Soup - Improv Challenge

I was slightly out of town for a few weeks.  By "slightly" I mean a well-timed vacation in Israel.  We left NJ a few days before Sandy blew through town, and returned just hours before a Nor'Easter lightly coated our lawn with 18 inches of fluffy snow.  

We were amazingly lucky. Lights, heat and a dry basement greeted us upon our return.  Only a few tree branches were downed.  A neighbor's tree sheared off at root level, bounced off his fence and landed mere inches from our shed.  Even our basement window, sporting several cracks from a long-ago wayward baseball, sealed with a kiss and mailing tape, held fast. 

We had lost power for only 4 days.  The only real casualties were the contents of the fridge.   I can't really complain since others had far far worse.   Some waited 2 weeks or more for power to return.  Others lost their homes outright to wind, flood or fire damage.  I hope that you, Dear Reader, safely survived the weather and its aftermath,…