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Baldwins (Cocoa, Apricot and Almond Balls) - Secret Recipe Club

For those of you who don't know me personally, I am very calendarly-challenged.  I can look at a calendar on a Wednesday, for example, and think it's Thursday.  Of a different week.    I also have a bit of time-challenge as well.  If the clock says 2:30, I go about as if it were 3:30.  Or the other way around.  Even with a digital clock.   But it does have its advantage.  Since I am permanently in EDT (Eastern Dena Time), I'm not affected much by daylight savings or traveling to different time zones.  Thankfully, the Secret Recipe Club reveal time was pushed back to midnight, allowing me a better chance of linking up with the other SRC participants in a timely manner (see the end of this post for the link ups).  Otherwise my assigned blogger would wonder if she were "orphaned," which would lead to my receiving an email again from the SRC group leader wondering where my post was.   An email I wouldn't get to read because I'd usually be at work by then.