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Dijon-Kissed Baked Chicken Nuggets - Easy

I may be a legendary* blogger, but I still frequently check out the posts from other fellow recipe bloggers.  Such as Kosher in the Kitch.  A short while back, Nina shared a recipe for Baked Orange Chicken, her version of Chinese-style deep-fried chicken nuggets coated in a gingery orange glaze.  Her secret is the use of corn flake crumbs, held fast to the chicken by a coating of dijon-mustard mayo.  A pretty easy recipe that's hard to screw up.

Unless you are me.

At the same time I was whipping up the nuggets, I was also busy with Indian-style Lentil Rice Soup for the first course**.  Since I can be distracted very easily, I completely forgot to make the orange sauce until after dinner.


Turned out that the subtle dijon-mustard tang of the nuggets held their own so well that I didn't even notice the lack of orange flavor.

So I renamed them Dijon-Kissed Nuggets.  Mistake?  What mistake?  I have no idea what you are talking about.

My biggest deliberate change was to halv…