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Beet, Carrot and Apple Juice - More from My Trip to Israel

Since everyone is posting Passover recipes, I thought it would be nice to take a quick vacation from all that and do a quick post about our recent vacation.  As a quick background, (in case you are a new Dear Reader), part of our vacation was spent visiting middleChild, who is currently serving in the Israeli army.  A few weeks ago, he learned how to jump out of an airplane.

While the airplane was in the air. 

High up in the air.  Here is a photo of his jump:

 We are so proud of him!

Okay, back to vacation.  The breakfast buffet at our hotel in Tel Aviv included fresh "squeeze" juices. 

Since a fun part of any vacation is trying new foods, I had to taste the beet & apple juice.  The flavor is a bit earthy with a touch of sweetness provided by the apple.  Unusual (to me, anyway), but interesting.

I remembered this juice the other day, and thought I'd try making a batch myself.  The fact that I didn't own a juicer didn't deter me, figuring a food processor coul…

Strawberry Shortcake (for Passover and year-round)

Here is another Passover dessert that doesn’t taste like Passover.No matzoh nor matzoh meal.Gluten-free, no extra charge.And pretty easy if you can separate eggs.

This magical dessert is strawberry shortcake, created by layering spongecake-y squares with yogurt and strawberry sauce.  The cake is a bit on the dry side, but in a good way since it gently softens a bit after assembling, instead of becoming the soggy mess a “real” sponge cake becomes.  If you prefer a lighter, more “spongy” cake, add Passover baking powder to the dry ingredients, and use a spatula to gently fold the yolk mixture into the beaten egg whites instead of the mixer. I used yogurt because that’s what I had in the house to save a bazillion calories, but you can sub with real whipped cream, or that chemical-laden parve stuff if serving with a meat-based meal.

In addition to the squares, I made a few with cake rounds, using an empty can, with both ends removed, as a biscuit cutter.

If you do, TIP ALERT! it is impor…