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Lemonade - Easy Squeasy

Disclaimer -- this is an easy drink to mix up only if you actually own a juicer.

I don't.  Not an electric juicer.  Not even a manual 99 cent-store one either. 

TheDaughter has been craving lemonade lately.  The fact that I don't actually own a juicer didn't stop this mother.  I learned a little trick from watching all those cooking shows, where in place of a juicer you stab a lemon half several times into the cut end with a table knife, then continuing with said table knife, ream while squeezing said lemon half for a couple minutes until all the juice is extracted or you don't care anymore.

Then repeat with remaining lemons until you get about a cup of very tart liquid.  Don't forget to pick out the seeds.

Don't cheat and use RealLemon or one of those other pretend juices from the Try-n-Save.  They. Are. Awful.  I heard that there exists a great bottled lemon juice.  It's either carried at Whole Food or Trader Joe.  If any Dear Reader knows about it, plea…

Croque Monsieur Two Ways - Easy

I am in CA again helping theDaughter during yet another chemo round (she's holding her own, thanks for all your good thinkings and prayers, BTW).  This time I have limited computer access, so posts have been greatly reduced.

So, on with the show.

One of the great things about the French language is that anything said in French sounds wonderfully romantic.  as a result, the first time I heard the term Croque Monsieur,  I thought it was a very fancy-schmancy food of love that takes hours to make but would make your favorite swain swoon in delight.

Dear Reader, turns out it's just a grilled cheese sandwich.

Now, doesn't it sound sooo much more exotic and romantic calling it Croque Monsieur instead of its English translation Mister Crunchy?

The origins of Mister CrunchyCroque Monsieur are lost in time, but food history sites all agree that it first popped up on French menus around 1910.  Most of the time it's a treif grilled ham & cheese sandwich, but there are many v…