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Grilled Cheddar with Mango-Chardonnay Jam: Grilled Cheese for Grown-ups - Easy

I've been experimenting with fancy-schmancy grilled cheese recipes lately, for a couple of panini programs I'll be giving at the Old Bridge Library in July.  I'm testing a lot of recipes. Lots and lots of testing.  Some more than once (in the interest of science, of course). This is one I have tested many many times ...

S’mores Fudge Pie ... and Happy Birthday to Me!

You are gonna loooove what I am about to share with you today!   It's for s'mores!   And not just your ordinary 3 ingredient s'mores you enjoyed as a scout 'round the campfire (4 if you count the stick holding the charred marshmallows).  No, Dear Reader, this is for S'mores Fudge Pie ...