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Blueberry-Peach Pie - Guest Post!

Dear Reader, let me introduce my friend and colleague, Mary Lewis. Mary is a school librarian who occasionally "moonlights" at my public library.  She loves to cook, provided all today's photos, and ... well, as long as she is guest posting, I'll let Mary do the talking:

 I'm an avid reader of cooking magazines. I love to cook - and, until a year ago,  only had 9 linear inches of counter space to do so.  Since building a kitchen addition, I've been making up for lost
space....or something to that effect.

My blueberry-peach pie resulted from a conversation, a craving, a compromise, and a challenge. And it has changed my life in several small ways.

From a leisurely conversation on a warm August afternoon, at a farm market, over a basket of peaches – my favorite fruit – the relevant part was this: “I've never made a peach pie. I cannot bring myself to cook the fruit that I wait nine months every year to eat.”

Really (fortunately, I don't have similar…

Chicken Tikka Masala - Secret Secipe Club

Welcome to our continuing series, Scenes from the Secret Recipe Club.  In this month's episode, we serve a heaping helping of Chicken Tikka Masala, brought to you by Melissa of Fried Ice and Donut Holes.  Melissa is a teacher by profession, and a cook and baker by passion.  When you visit her blog, be sure to check out her About section to find out why "fried ice and donut holes" came to be a warning to behave (it's kinda cute!).

Melissa has a very eclectic taste in food, as well as I ... and her delicious recipes showcase it!  This made selecting just one quite difficult.  Should I make a batch of Indian Spiced Cream of Tomato Soup with Couscous?  But that Roasted Tomato and Basil Risotto looks so divine!  Or maybe her version of Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups instead?

But the Chicken Tikka Masala truly beckoned me.  I've had Tikka Masala at the local Indian restaurant several times, but never got around to making it myself.  Now there are no more excuses!