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Slow Cooker Cinnamon-Sugar Pecans for Purim or Valentine's Day

Have you OD'ed on chocolate yet?  Thought I'd give you a break, Dear Reader, and provide you with something less Valentine and more Purim ... with delicious packets of candied pecans, perfect to slip inside your mishloach manot baskets.

I had posted a while back on how to make Cinnamon and Sugar Almonds.  Delicious they may be, the baking part is a little messy and a lot hands-on (more correctly electric mixer-on and spatula-on), what with stirring and foil ripping every 15 minutes until finally, they are done  (along with a pile of aluminum tinsel, no extra charge).  With today's recipe, you simply toss the ingredients in a crock pot and stir pretty much whenever you feel like it.  And since you don't have to beat the egg whites into a lather, there's no separation anxiety if a drop of yolk sneaks in.  Mucho much easier!

The ingredients list is essentially Mel's.  Aside from substituting pecans for the almonds (you can use whole almonds if you really truly wa…