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Osso Buco

Sorry for breaking my promise about posting this week.  Blogger the blog host (sounds like the name of a children's book) made the mistake of performing maintenance mid-week, then proceeded to somehow crash the very next day, tossing everyone's updates from that day, including mine.  It took until Friday afternoon to get back online sans updates, then a few more hours to  restore said updates.  Of course I was mid-updating when the major FAIL! occurred, so I completely lost a *ahem* pulitzer-quality opener to this recipe.  Lost forever ...

Oh, well ... life's tough.  At least it happened before I started to upload photos.  Sometimes uploading photos and tweaking comments can take me an hour (or more if I go all anal with Photoshop). 

Anyway, onto the recreated (less Pulitzer ... more snark!) opener.

Kosher veal shanks have been sold at the local Try-n-Save for years, but last week was the very first time I noticed them sliced into 1-inch-thick pieces labeled as "osso …