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Mulligatawny Soup with Chickpeas - SRC

Welcome to this month's recipe, courtesy of the Secret Recipe Club.  I was given the assignment to select and make a recipe from Healthy. Delicious.  Lauren  specializes in recipes that are ... great tasting yet take no longer than 40 minutes to prepare.  Ha!  Bet you were thinking I was going to go the easy way and say healthy and delicious, weren't you!  Nosirree ...  this is a quality blog, only the freshest descriptions here.  But I digress ...

I was planning to choose a dessert from Lauren's wonderful recipes when I accidentally fell into the soup, so to speak, and came up with her version of Mulligatawny soup.  It looked so delicious that even though the weather was in the 70s with humidity about 150%, I decided to give it a go anyway.

Lauren's recipe omits the chopped chicken and ginger (two classic ingredients), adding coconut milk, chick peas and wild rice.    Since I was going to serve this soup with barbecue, I did some additional subbing, using  olive oil …