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Apple Sauce - Easy

Potato latkes are great to eat naked (the latkes, not you ... hot oil is murder on skin), but they are even better accompanied with a condiment. There are many schools of thought on the subject.  I've heard of some who use ketchup.  I just recently saw a recipe with pear sauce.  But the overwhelming majority have their latkes with either sour cream or apple sauce on the side.

I am of the apple sauce persuasion.  And while anyone can open a jar of applesauce, the homemade stuff is just so much more better.  It is so easy to make a batch that I whipped up a small batch while simultaneously frying my small latke batch.  Make a small batch yourself just to test it out.   Then double or triple it next time.  And invite me over.  Apple sauce is good year-round.

You can make this basic apple sauce recipe three different way:  smooth, slightly chunky or super chunky.  It all depends upon the apples you use.  MacIntosh apples are tender and break down into mush.  Granny Smith are crisp an…

Potato Latkes

I was not going to post a latke recipe.  I really wasn't.  Didn't think it was necessary. since there are so many MANY recipes for latkes "out there" and mine is no big deal.

So instead I planned to post a rerun recap of all the candy I made this season and start a well-deserved vacation from blogging. But yesterday I received an email from a friend, now a new Dear Reader, who implored me to post a latke recipe.  Allow me to quote a bit of his request:
I was just thinking about our upcoming Hannukah, and remembering the classical food for that holiday. I like to think of it as G-d's gift to our gastronomy, latkes. But you have no recipe in your blog for them. This is my request for such a recipe. I  ♥ potatoes, and always have.  Indeed, the very first word I said is potatolach, which is Yiddish for potatoes. How can I refuse such a lovely request?  

My version of a latke recipe is pretty simple.  Potatoes, egg, salt, flour and oil to fry them in.  I usua…

Google Foodie - Guest Post

My computer, despite anti-virus and anti-malware running 24/7, came down with a nasty new virus Friday afternoon, which took down most of my hard drive.

The good news?  Yesterday I was able to reimage the hard drive from last week's full backup.

The bad news?  Candy photos and other goodies updated this past week, including whatever I artfully edited to almost resemble more skilled photography -- *poof* gone.

The good news?  In an unusual turn of events, I never got around to deleting the originals from my camera. Woo-hoo!

So while I spend the upcoming week confirming that my 'puter is indeed free of nasty virus bits, then reuploading and rephotoshopping said photos, in the meantime please welcome a very well-timed guest post from theDaughter, Sharon.  In case I haven't mentioned it enough, Sharon works at Google, the most awesomest place in the entire universe.   The soft swirl machine mentioned below is just one of many desserts and snacks provided free to Google staff…