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Brown Butter Peach Crumble Squares

Peachy!  Those marvelous and so juicy that they drip down your arm when you take a bite peaches are in season!  Huzzah!

At great effort and with way too many steps to count (64), I headed over to the weekly farmer's market held in the library's parking lot.   Besides the usual local peppers (available in many Scovil persuasions),  local tomatoes and local corn,  juicy ripe local peaches were for sale as well.  By local, I mean anything from a 5 minute or so walk down the road to a 1/2 hour car trip across the state.  The peachy keen (sorry) dish I wanted to make called for only 4. But I'd rather have too many than too few, so I bought a few extra.  Not that they'd go to waste, of course.  Well, maybe to waist ...

I carefully selected what I thought were medium-sized peaches.  Jersey peaches must be HUGE compared to the ones used in the original recipe, since my measuring cup done runneth over after carving up the first 3.  Hey, everything's bigger in Jersey ... de…

Caprese Skewers - Easy

Aren't these little soldiers cute?I first saw these at Mel's Kitchen Cafe and simply had to make them.   

According to foodgeeks (anything containing the word geek is awesome), Caprese Salad basically consists of only a few ingredients:  tomato, mozzarella cheese (from buffalo milk to be really authentic) and basil, then barely garnished with oil, balsamic vinegar and a pinch of spice.  No cooking involved, which is wonderful when the air outside hovers in the 90s.

The original recipe suggested using fresh mozzarella.  I first bypassed this container because all I saw was ciliengini.  Turns out that ciliengini (also spelled ciliengine), according to 283K sites on Google, means cherry-sized balls of mozz cheese.

These little babies are so cute!  About an inch in diameter.  Since they are very small, they can be left whole if desired, but I suggest cutting them in half since they are expensive.  You can instead cut an 8-ounce block of mozzarella into 1 inch cubes, about the width o…