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Tilapia with Salsa Verde - Easy

Don't run away yet!  This is not yet another Mexican recipe (not that there's anything wrong with that).  Salsa Verde simply means "green sauce."  It's green from the parsley and scallions (or chives if you still haven't gotten around yet to buying some).  Trust me --this recipe is NOT spicy.  Unless you think dijon mustard burns.

Interesting history to the salsa verde portion of the recipe, which I found a couple years ago at Morsels and Musings.  It was originally called “housekeeper’s recipe,” found in an 1820 cookbook.  I kind of doubt, though, that capers were sold at the local market back then.  Or that dijon mustard was widely available either, especially since it wasn't invented (according to Wikipedia) until 1856, by Jean Naigeon of Dijon, France.  Recipe and history lesson.  A two-fer!   Woo-hoo!

Speaking of dijon mustard, if you don't have any on hand (or in the fridge), you can try substituting plain yellow mustard, but use a little less to …

Baked Chicken "Parmesan"

I mentioned the other day about my purchase of both plastic vegan "cheddar" and "mozzarella."  This time I used the alleged moz to make a kosher *gasp* chicken "parmesan."  Why is it called "parmesan" anyway when the main or only cheese used is mozzarella? Isn't it more descriptive to say "chicken mozzarella?" But I digress ...

Found a can of crushed fire-roasted tomatoes while reaching into the pantry for the diced variety, so I made my fast sauce with it instead.  Except this time I left out the basil because it's too hot to go outside to pick some, and omitted the pasta cooking water since I'm not serving pasta this time around.

I added a teaspoon of sugar, because, while googling researching various chicken parmesan recipes,  I noticed that most cooks add a little sugar to their sauces.  I tried it but really didn't notice a difference, so it's omitted from the recipe below.  I cooked it a little longer to thicke…

"Crab" Cakes with Spicy Red Pepper Sauce

In case  you were wondering what to do with the frozen leftover chipotle peppers after making Chimichangas, here's your chance to use up another one.  This recipe is pretty easy, but there are too many steps to officially label it so.  So I didn't.

The original recipe stressed several times the importance of refrigerating the cakes a minimum of a half hour in order to firm them up.  However, I had this BRILLIANT idea of putting the cakes on waxed paper on the cookie sheet so that after chilling I could simply slide them off onto the parchment paper.  Except that after chilling for the required minimum, they refused to simply slide off, instead becoming totally mangled and shredded.  EACH AND EVERY ONE OF THEM!  I had to remush them all back into shape, thus totally losing the chill advantage.   Since they cooked up fine anyway,  you can fuggedabout it as well.

I missed the part about baking 10 minutes on each side.  Since the tops weren't browning, I baked 'em for ano…