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Dear Reader Request

My blog's been nominated for the Top 100  Food Mom Blogs!  Woo-hoo!

Please vote for me ... just visit Babble, find Oh! You Cook!  (I was #74, page 2 at last look), and click "like!" 

No real prize, just major bragging rights and more readers.  Plus  a book and possible movie deal.

Okay, the last two are only in my mind.   But I can dream, no?

I've been visiting theDaughter this past week in L.A., so most of the cooking has been stuff off the blog.  I did make one new item, but you, Dear Reader, will  have to wait for theFiance to offload the photos from his wildly fancy-schmancy camera. Hopefully I'll get to post it by Monday.

Purim Basket Treat Pt. III - Beach "Glass" - Easy

There's still some snow on the ground.  The temperature outside is a balmy 30-something.  Seaside Heights hosted the annual Polar Bear Plunge for Special Olympics this weekend.

Let's honor this hardy group by making beach glass candy, a confection named for the broken glass left behind by day-tripping Bennies who descend upon NJ beaches every summer.

If you own a candy thermometer, this is a really easy recipe.  No corn syrup needed for this version; no strange ingredients either.  You probably have everything in your pantry, even the food coloring from the time you absolutely had to dye a birthday cake pink because your daughter was in Pink Mode and everything, down to the food and clothes, had to be pink until the day before the party when suddenly purple became her favorite color.  But I digress ...

Make a batch in turquoise (because it looks really cool).  Some people add mint or another flavor.  I, personally, hate mint.  But in all honesty, because everyone will say that…