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Cream of Mushroom Soup

Every so often I return to the basics, such as cream of mushroom soup.

Once you try homemade, you'll never buy the condensed stuff again.

Baked Lemon Herb Fish

Now that growing season is finally here, I had a grand time recently at the local plant nursery pre-selecting herbs to plant outside.  Sadly, it's still a little early and too wet outside to plant anything in my neck of the woods. I only toted home one basil plant since I don't have enough indoor space for all the other herbs I plan to get in a week or two.  If it stops raining long enough for optimum planting. 

Right now that basil plant is sitting pretty in my kitchen window, sacrificing a leaf here and there over the past few days as I made Caprese Paninis (recipe soon), Very Fast Pasta Sauce, and the non-tomato-based fish you see above.  Amazing how many different things basil can be added to when it's at arm's reach!  Hope there'll be enough plant left to plop into the herb garden the end of the month.