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Stuffed Dates with Almonds - Easy

I like dates.  Not the kind where you go out to dinner and a movie ... no, wait, those kind I like as well.  What I meant was those little dried sticky fruits that come in half- or one pound containers at the supermarket.  Or 2 pound gift behemoths from Israel that your son brought back, pretending that he carefully selected it from an open air market when in reality he bought it off a friend's mother at the airport.

Speaking of Israel, Tu B'Shevat is coming up next week.  Also known as New Year for Trees (because fruit-bearing trees are considered to have aged one year, like racehorses on Jan. 1st), this year it starts the evening of Wednesday, January 19th.   It's called Tu B'Shevat (pronounced TOO Besh-VAT) because it falls on the 15th (Tu stands for the numbers of 9 and 6 in Hebrew, which add up to 15) in the Jewish month of Shevat.  

According to that well-respected source of Jewish history, Wikipedia,  it is customary on Tu B'Shevat to plant trees and to ea…

I'm an Editor's Pick!

Woo-hoo!  My recipe for Mock Chopped Liver was selected as an Editor's Pick over at Food52, the well-respected and (obviously) very intelligent food site!  No prize ... the only thing I won was (were?) 10 Facebook "likes" of my recipe and a mention on a post there, but hey, it's a start.

Spicy Thai-Style Chicken - Easy

I showed the original of this recipe to a faithful reader, planning to make it for some future dinner.  But Faithful Reader took a look and asked that I make it tonight.  Since I do whatever Faithful Reader asks (since he boosts my ego by posting positive comments), I temporarily pushed back the one I was planning to make and went with this one.

I like my version of this chicken recipe because there is no need to marinate for hours, or even minutes.  So if you are the type that barely has time to apply eyeliner in the morning (especially you women), you can toss this together quickly while the rice is a-cookin'.  You can even nuke up a veggie of your choice all at the same time!  Woo-hoo, multi-tasking!  Who says only Rachel Ray can get dinner on the table in under 30 minutes?

Speaking of veggie, you will notice that there isn't any gracing the dinner plate tonight.  TheHubby, who works from home, made a batch of chicken soup with mucho veggies while I was slaving away at a h…

Snowed-in Pasta in Meat Sauce - Easy

It only snowed 6 inches ast night.  No snowpocalypse like a few weeks ago, when we shoveled 3 feet of what was supposed to be 6 to 12 inches of the fluffy white stuff off the sidewalks.    But at least we didn't have mudslides or floods.  Yet ... spring is in a few months.

In advance of the snowmageddon, theHubby and I, along with most of the town again yesterday morning, headed to the Try 'n Save, where provisions were purchased.  We stocked up on pasta, then bought the required eggs, bread, milk and toilet paper.  I especially didn't need more toilet paper, having lugged home a case the last time, but hey, it's the law.

This is the kind of sauce you make when you are exhausted from watching the guys shoveling snow.  Quickly saute the ground beef, dump in jarred sauce and let simmer while the pasta of your choice, in the quantity of your choice, cook according to package directions.  In fact, if you have a large microwave-safe covered bowl large enough, feel free to n…