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Chimichurri-ish Sauce - Easy

So I have this half-jar of basil pesto sauce left over from the other day and today I'm trying to figure out what to do with it, since an opened jar has shelf life of only a couple weeks.

I also had 3 steaks and one chicken in the fridge, patiently waiting to become charcoal dinner.

Didn't I ever make chimichurri sauce once upon a time?  And, of course, forgot to post it.  Oopsie ...

Okay, what is chimichurri anyway?  Sounds spicy.  Food should not hurt ...

 Fear not, Dear Reader.  Chimchurri is the anti-heat spicy, just pro-tasty spicy.  Chimichurri sauce, according to epicurious, is an herb sauce originally from Argentina.  It is a bright green paste made from parsley, garlic, oil, salt and pepper, usually served on steak or chicken.  Several versions around the intertubes add red wine vinegar, onion and other ingredients.

But. Not. Basil.  Or basil pesto.

So.  What.  Consider this version to be in the "other ingredients" category.

But it does need some parsley add…

Sundried Tomato Basil Pesto Canapes - Easy

Sunday afternoon I was reinstalled as co-prez of the local Hadassah chapter (you can read a quick explanation about Hadassah at one of my posts or at the Hadassah national site).  Dinner was dairy/veg potluck. I opted to bring an appetizer.

Except I wasn't sure what to make.  Then the other day at the local Try-n-Save, I saw a jar of sun-dried tomatoes beckoning me.

Hmmmm ... I could make something quick and simple using sun-dried tomatoes.  Maybe start with some cream cheese and top with the tomatoes.  Sounds great, but needs a bit more.  I know!  Top that with a dollop of basil pesto.   I invented a winner!  Woo-hoo!

Well ... not quite.  It seems as if I reinvented the wheel.  The wheel in question is a torta, a layered round of herbed cream cheese, sun-dried tomatoes and pesto.

Here, instead of having Hadassah ladies make the effort of mashing the torta in and about, then spreading a spoonful onto a baguette slice while juggling filled plates, I made the executive decision of …