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Tilapia in Orange-Wine Sauce - Easy

One of the cool perks about working in a public library is the dumpster-diving.

Wait ... what did she say?

Lemme explain.  Many books of varying age and condition are donated to my library.  The Friends (short for The Friends of the Library, a volunteer group) take said books and, using a very complicated algorithm (their eyes, and sometimes smell) determine if said books can be added to the lending collection or sold in our semi-annual book sale.  Books that are in bad shape (such as missing, ripped or defaced pages) or too old to even donate elsewhere are disposed of ; at that point library staff have last dibs.  Essentially, dumpster-diving.

About a month ago, a slightly tattered Weight Watchers cookbook fell off the (book) truck.* One of the recipes was a  orange-wine fish dish.   Since my fridge contained tilapia on the verge of floundering, I decided to make that recipe that very evening.  I've since "recycled" the cookbook, so I no longer can recall the exact fish us…

No-Bake Coconut and Walnut Fudge Brownies

I recently joined The Secret Recipe Club, a fun round-robin where a blogger is assigned the job of making a recipe posted on a different blog, whose owner in turn makes something from a third blog, and so on.   I was given the assignment of selecting a recipe from fearless homemaker, a blogger from Nashville and self-described "foodie, cocktail lover and entertaining enthusiast."   From her lack of capital letters, I would guess that she's also a fan of e. e. cummings

I think having someone else select the assignment is a great idea, since it forces me to try a recipe out of my comfort zone.  But for the same reason it is scary in more ways than one.  Amy is much thinner, much younger and way cuter than I am.  Not that I'm jealous or anything.

Of course not ...

Amy's blog is of the non-kosher persuasion, but when you read past about "succumbing to the cruel temptation that is bacon"  I was relieved to read that she had  been a vegetarian for 7 years.  …