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Blitz Pizza with Swiss and Red Onion

I really like pizza   I'll eat pizza on regular-ol' pizza crust, or on an English muffin or those thin sandwich thingies.  But the toppings are always tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese, and maybe a little Parmesan cheese if I remember, because theHubby only likes tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese (and Parmesan cheese if I remember) on his pizza.

But tonight I lived on the edge and made an edge-y pizza. With swiss cheese!  And red onions! 

What caused this break with tradition?  Was it because I found this recipe from King Arthur, which is supposed to be so fast to throw together that it can be made on a weeknight?  Because it didn't require massive kneading ... or any kneading for that matter?

Or perhaps it was because theHubby was in NYC tonight and I could toss any freakin' thing I wanted on my pizza.  I always wanted to try a red onion pizza, ever since I saw it in some magazine someplace, but never bothered before because I didn't want to make two different…