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Blueberry Grunt - SRC

Secret Recipe Club time, Dear Reader.  The blog selected for me this month is Kudos Kitchen by Renee.  Renee sells awesomely decorated painted glassware and tiles from her home-based business in Illinois.  Renee also cooks and bakes.  You'll have to check out this post to see some amazing painted cookies compared with the same design on ceramic.  Renee provides oodles of delicious-looking non-cookie recipes as well!

Just like peaches are plentiful, blueberries have exploded into the farmer's market.  I  love blueberries!  So much that I brought home 6 pints of the berries ... and I'm the only one in my household that even likes the stuff. So with all those berries needing to be used, like NOW, it made complete sense to search through Renee's recipes, hoping that she'd have at least one of the blueberry persuasion.

I quickly chose her recipe for blueberry grunt.  Isn't that a cool name?  A grunt is a biscuit-topped cobbler made on the stove instead of in it.   …