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Dump Day, Part II (Chocolate Pudding Cake (aka Mississippi Mud Cake) - Easy

Ignore what this looks like.  Chocolate Pudding Cake, aka Mississippi Mud Cake tastes so much more better than it looks.

I thank Baking Bites for providing the internet with her version of Chocolate Pudding Cake, aka Mississippi Mud Cake.  The only thing I changed is the serving size.  BB says that the cake serves 8-9.  Maybe polite non-family-type guests who insist they only want just a sliver because the dinner you served was so delicious they had seconds and can't eat another bite but will make an exception this one time.  But for a real  "Mom, he's hitting me," "No I'm not he's hitting ME," "Mom, the dog's throwing up under the table again"-type family, it's more like 6 servings.  

I made the recipe with milk since it was served after yesterday's pasta, but if you substitute soy, almond or another non-dairy liquid (and use parve chocolate chips) you have vegan Chocolate Pudding Cake, aka Mississippi Mud Cake.

Chocolate Puddi…

Dump Day, Part I (Roasted Tomato Sauce - Easy)

Today, a Dear Reader whined asked me to post more pasta recipes.  I had previously posted a pasta recipe or two, but since she asked me nicely, I ditched the leftover meatloaf I was planning to reheat yet again and made this sauce instead.  Like I needed an excuse. :P

Oh, yeah, you are probably asking why I titled this post "Dump Day."   Two reasons.  One, this sauce is easy, pretty much a dump in a pot, heat and serve.  The other reason is that I had plenty of extra time to first throw together a Pudding Cake (also a dump recipe), letting it bake while whipping up the pasta and sauce, then serve it immediately after for dessert.  The cake recipe will get posted tomorrow.

Today's sauce is a variation of my other pasta sauces.  This one has a tiny kick to it, just a tingle on the tongue.  You still will be able to taste dessert afterwards.  But if you are the type who thinks tartar sauce is over the top, then cut the hot red paprika to 1/4 of a teaspoon so you will still…

Broiled Haddock in Thai Coconut Sauce

Well, kids, have you heard the latest about coconut? It's no longer a bad oil. Despite all the saturated fat, it's a health food this week. Sales are going through the roof. According to several dubious web sites, coconut milk is an "all natural isotonic beverage" that "cures the body of internal and external ailments," "promotes weight loss" and, of course, the ever popular "Boosts your immune system." Wow! Amazing! After reading all these wonderful yet totally unsubstantiated and unscientific claims, maybe I should bathe in it.  Or at least wash my hair with it.

Therefore, Dear Reader, fear not the coconut, for it is your friend. So to honor the Cocos Nucifera, try this relatively easy recipe. I would have labeled it "easy," but there are, according to a devout non-cooking friend, too many ingredients, and it's not one of those recipes where you can just dump everything together and let it cook itself.

The recip…