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Lentil Rice Soup with Caramelized Onions

I subscribe to approximately a bazillion news & recipe groups, which take up massive space in my Facebook news feed (did I mention that I also have an Oh! You Cook! Facebook page?  Check it out!).  Anyway, one of the groups is the Huffington Post Taste, a food and recipe aggregate.  HuffPost Taste tries its best to entice me into clicking its links by teasing me with headlines such as "weird candy champions" or "you're overlooking a very important (fill in the blank)".  I usually ignore this blatant attempt to lure me in and skip down to the latest post fromlol cats or something else equally a time suck critically important.  

But today's headline tease from HuffPost entitled, "This soup flies under the radar but we really can't figure out why" along with a yummy-looking photo, intrigued me.  So after clicking on the link then having to click past a few others, I was finally rewarded with a recipe for Lentil Soup with Caramelized Onions.