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Raspberry Custard Pie

When I spied with my little eye a raspberry pie at Baking Bites the other day, I just had to make it.  Juicy red raspberries bursting out of a custardy filling.  So gorgeous, I almost had to restrain myself from licking the screen.  I would have made a version with blackberries (or black raspberries), but the blackberries (or black raspberries) growing on the bushes in my yard weren't quite ripe at that moment. So I headed over to the Korean grocer yet again, where red raspberries were still available at an insanely low price.  

Oh yumyumyum! This is one of those "impossibly easy" type pies that magically creates a thin crust during the baking process.  Since the crust is where most of the calories hide, you can have a slice without feeling too terribly guilty.  Preferably while standing up, because then the remaining calories slide off onto the floor.  I read all that on the internets, so it must be true. :P

As soon as I am able to pluck enough ripe blackberries (or b…

Scheduling Postings and Emails - A Primer for Non-Bloggers

A couple of Dear Readers have recently asked me why I sometimes upload posts at bizarre hours.   Another Dear Reader was wondering about why I get up at 5am just to send her a recipe email.  Being the maverick that I am, I'll explain about the emails first.

One of the nice things about, the host of this blog, is that I have the option to schedule emails at a time of my choosing.  So at the exact moment of 5am EST (give or take a couple minutes), blogger will auto-send an email, containing recipes I had posted the previous 24 hours, to whomever signed up for the privilege.   That way, Dear Readers in Israel can read my latest creation during their lunch hour, while Dear Readers on the east coast of the US of A receive it with time to spare before breakfast.

Now about post time.  Blogger also lets me select the exact day AND exact time (give or take a couple minutes) to go live with my blatherings post.  Usually I finish polishing a recipe, then hit the publish button.  …

Brie and Pecan Canapes, for When Guests Show Up Unannounced - Easy

It's getting to be that time of year when friends and relatives like to drop in unannounced.  These canapes  are easy to throw together when you see those inconsiderate surprise guests walking up the driveway.  

I had originally made open-faced kinda-sorta grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch the other day.  I say kinda-sorta because they were baked, rather than grilled.  Calling them baked cheese sandwiches conjurers up pictures of macaroni and cheese on white (hold the mayo), and I didn't want to confuse you, Dear Reader, any more than you must be right now.

Where was I?  Oh, yeah .. baked grilled cheese.  Using my oven-oven (because I don't have a toaster-oven) I broiled the tops of bread slices, then flipped them over and covered them with brie.  After a quick broil of the cheese, I topped 'em with pecans and drizzled 'em with honey. 

No, wait ... guess I should have called them broiled grilled cheese.  Oh, well ....

After looking at the result, I thought thes…