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"Crab"-Stuffed Fish Fillets

The fresh fish at the local Try-n-Save was most excellent the other day, especially the branzini.   I never heard of this rather mild-tasting fish either until recently.  According to that authoritative source on sea creatures, Huffington Post, branzini (also called European sea bass) is a sustainable "green" fish with a mild flavor.  I would say it's about two steps up from tilapia in the flavor department, no great stretch since tilapia has as much flavor as water.  Usually I buy pre-filleted fish so as to not "bother" the fish monger.  But this day he finally convinced me that it's his job, that I was not bothering him, and the few minutes it takes to do the filleting is way more interesting than just spending the day wrapping fish and slapping on a price sticker.   So I took Mike up on his offer.  Dear Reader ... you may want to write this down ... freshly filleted fish is MUCH fresher than fish fillets filleted who knows how long ago.  Yes, a shocking…