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Potato au Gratin - Passover

While out visiting theDaughter out in sunny California, I was kvetching, yet again, about how my cell phone can only hold a maximum of 6 photos.  So to shut me up surprise me, she and theFiance bought me a memory card! 

Woo-hoo!  Not only does it store around a million photos (give or take a couple), the quality shot way up.  Turns out that while installing the card, she also adjusted the setting to a higher quality, originally set at very low; otherwise the max 6 would have been max 2.  *blush*

So why am I bragging about a card?  Because the photos today are brought to you by my cell phone. 

Okay, now on to the recipe.  This one starts out with a box of scalloped potato mix.   While I usually prefer scratch recipes, I have a weakness for the overpriced Passover scalloped potato mix.    By adding cheese, it became au Gratin, which is French for oh great--dairy overload.

Because this batch was whipped up erev Purim, I wasn't too particular about the cheese, so I used  this stuff h…