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Emergency Crostatas My Way - Hamantaschen!

My library was nice enough to host one of my various committee meetings today (Friday).  I took advantage of rare weekday off the day before to bake up a storm; several goodies made it to the meeting:  Triple Threat Chocolate Chip Cookies and Hamantaschen.  

"Wait ... what???" you say.  "But isn't hamantaschen a Purim treat?  Dena, I know that you are calendarly challenged, but ..."

Correct as usual, King Friday Dear Reader.  Lemme explain ...

As mentioned in a couple other posts, I am a member of Project Pastry Queen.   This week's challenge is brought to you by ... ME!   I selected Emergency Fruit Crostatas as the recipe that project members should bake. These pastries are large individual tri-cornered pies with fruit filling peeking out of the top center.  Get your hands on The Pastry Queen (the book, silly, not the author) and take a good look at page 63.

Now tell me that they don't look like overgrown hamantaschen (pronounced HAH-mahn-tah-shen), …

Superbowl Snacks

Yet another holiday is sneaking up on me.  It's that one observed by millions in the U.S. and some of the world with  passion and solemnity.  Yes, this weekend brings us ... the Super Bowl!

Here is a  rerun recap of posts past with foods traditionally eaten during The Game.  Or The Commercials.  To be honest, the only things I will be watching on Sunday night are those over-the-top commercials and the halftime show.  I don't know who's playing, and the only reason I even know that The Game will be played in Texas is that weather forecast after weather forecast keeps showing a stadium in Dallas (I think it was Dallas :-/) while newscasters hope and pray that the roof holds during the next snowpocalypse.

Anyway, snacky food is king this Sunday.  But it doesn't have to all be junky. Here are some easy recipes that won't totally kill any diet.  Much ... 

Karen K's Bean Salad

Sushi Wraps

Mahogany Wings

Chicken Spring Rolls (gee, there seems to be a heavy leaning on p…

Chinese New Year and Recap

Another holiday snuck up on me yet again.  Chinese New Year, the year of the rabbit, starts this year on February 3rd.  To help you celebrate, here is a recap of a few Jewish-American-Chinese dishes from previous posts.

Chinese Sesame Slaw

Mahogany Wings

Steak with Soba Noodles

Dan Dan Noodles

Beef Chow Fun

Steak Fried Rice

Chicken Fried Rice

Stir-Fried Beef

Skirt Steak with Peanut Sauce 

Mongolian Beef   (sorry, no photo)

Pot Stickers, Part I  and  Pot Stickers, Part II  (trust me, they are worth the time and effort)

Almond Cookies Tarts (similar in texture and taste to Chinese almond cookies)