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Birthday (Bad) Planning

When my supervisor emailed all us peons librarians to request if anyone could swap our evening shift with hers, I conveniently neglected to look at a  calendar before volunteering.  So I celebrated my birthday dinner break around 4pm, scarfing last night's leftover Buffalo wings in the staff kitchen.

Note to future self:  Buy Meal-Mart from now on .... it is spicier than Empire despite the large Mild label.  There are no medium or spicy versions, that I could find anyway, since their Scoville units probably melted the bag.

Fast-foward a few hours later.  Who should walk up to the reference desk but theHubby, carrying a HUGE ice cream cake.  With my name spelled correctly!  Woo-hoo!

Suddenly, the evening shift ain't so bad.

Shared my birthday cake with the evening staff. 

They were nice enough to leave a corner for Friday's crew.