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Roasted Savoy Cabbage with Black Bean Garlic Sauce - Easy

I bet you don't like cooked veggies because every time you were served it in the past it was overcooked, gray-green and  yucky.  Especially cabbage.  As an added non-bonus, overcooked, boiled cabbage can be quite pungent. I grew up in an apartment house, where you knew when dinner in the apartment opposite ours included cabbage.  I have no idea what exactly the concoction was, but the smell was totally vile.  Argh!  My mother never made cabbage, so I thought that this was what cabbage was.

Fast-forward a million years.  I finally discovered that there was another way to make cabbage.  A delicious way ...

Better than Pollo Loco Chicken - Secret Recipe Club

theHubby came down with bronchitis a few weeks ago and just wasn't up to eating.   Lucky for both of us that Secret Recipe Club assigned me to make a recipe from Shockingly Delicious!