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Kinda-Sorta Stroganoff - Easy

I've been visiting theDaughter this past week.  As long as I'm here freeloading, I made myself useful and cooked some of the dinners. Figuring that there must be at least a couple of recipes on the blog that would please her and theFiance, I asked what they wanted.

"Mom, can you make stroganoff?" theDaughter requested.   Isn't that sweet?  She asked for a comfort food I've been making since she was a toddler.  Of course, it's a recipe I hadn't gotten around to posting and couldn't remember the exact ingredients.

Originally from a La Leche League cookbook, it is stroganoff in name only.  It is more like  sloppy joe, but without green pepper, and served over noodles instead of a bun.  I've made "real" stroganoff (if you can call it that when made with pretend "sour cream"), but whenever someone in the house asks for stroganoff, this is the version he/she is craving.

Except it fell off the rotation after no one asked for it …