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Blueberry Pomegranate Smoothie - Easy

Welcome back to another installment of the Secret Recipe Club, where members select and make a recipe from an assigned blog. The blog chosen for me is The Spiffy Cookie. Isn't that a cute name? If you think the name is adorable, you should check out Erin's logo.  I almost want to hug it!

Erin and I have several things in common (besides being carbon-based life forms).  We both think there is no such thing as too much education (she is a grad student working towards a PhD in Biomedical Sciences, and I have a couple of masters degrees). But more importantly, we both believe dessert is the best part of a meal.

Speaking of dessert, the recipe I selected is dessert disguised as breakfast.  I posted a similar smoothie recipe a while back, but Erin's contains three different fruits.  Her version is health in a glass.  And if you choose your yogurt wisely, it's even gluten-free!

Instead of ice cubes, Erin's recipe uses frozen berries.  She suggests that if you only have…

Artist Colony ... and Chicken Pot Pie

TheHubby and I have absolutely no sense of direction.   If you tell us to take the first right and then the second left, we will probably take the first right just fine, and then ... keep going until we fall off the map or serendipitously come across something better.

Such  was the case during a free morning in Jerusalem when, in order to score a few extra souvenirs "just in case," we headed out from our hotel to the Old City.

After getting directions from the hotel concierge, asking every other stranger if we were heading the right way, and screwing it all up anyway, we found ourselves just outside the Old City at the Artist Colony.  Known in Hebrew as Hutzot Hayotzer (Artists Lane), the Artist Colony was created in 1969 on a street formerly lined with old stables and storehouses.  Unlike the touristy shops scattered about inside the Old City where chotchkes made in China are sold (although to be fair there are also high quality galleries tucked in there and about), the A…