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Table Decorations - Easy

I'm going to be a little busy this week since theDaugher is getting married this weekend, so  this post, also the last of my shower picnic posts, will be a bit wordy.

As part of the shower festivities, the bridesmaids thought it would be a great idea to have all the attendees help make picnic decorations.  But due to talents of varying degrees ranging from Martha Stewart-esque all the way down to those who tend to get more glue on their hands than on the projects and/or hurt themselves with anything sharp, I had my glued hands full looking for something simple.

Something where the materials are easily transportable..

Something that didn't require any glue. Scissors would still be okay ... theDaughter owned a few blunt-end scissors that couldn't hurt me much.

Something that didn't require any sewing.

I went looking through a library book of origami projects.  I pride myself as a good origami-er since I have been banging out cranes AND fortune tellers (aka cootie-catche…