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Almond Apple Cake - Passover

Why will your Seder be different from all other Seders?  Because you will serve this cake instead of the traditional sponge cake.  Okay, you will probably serve a sponge cake as well (and fruit salad for the dieters because everyone shouldn't go home hungry), but before you set your Seder menu in stone, take a lookie at this lovely matzoh-meal-free alternative.

Yup, that's right!  Although this is not a passover cake, with just a tiny modification which had nothing to do with flour, it very easily became one.  And when I tell you that this cake does NOT taste like Passover, you should believe me because I haven't ever lied to you (yet).  Technically since it does not contain any flour, it's more of a torte.  But people usually think of a denser dessert or chocolate, so I wanted everyone to try it without prejudice.

If you don't want to buy Pesadik confectioner's sugar (the regular stuff contains corn starch, a big Passover no-no), then either omit it since it&…

Strawberry Smoothie - Easy

A smoothie is great for Passover, Use Up Your Chometz, Shavuot or almost any other day of the year.

A smoothie is a fast, easy and (usually) healthy chilled thick fruit drink, similar in viscosity to a milkshake, but without the ice cream so it's a little healthier.  A basic smoothie is made with one or more fruits, milk and/or yogurt.   Parve (dairy-free) versions can be made with any non-milk-type milk/yogurt.  Fancy-schmancy versions can have oodles of different kinds of add-ins, such as ginseng, protein powder or even peanut butter.

Passover dairy products are just hitting the shelves now, so I don't know if K-for-P Greek yogurt will be available, but if you find any, BUY IT!  Greek yogurt, even the low-fat variety, is much thicker than regular yogurt.  I've used either on occasion, and Greek-style makes a much better, thicker smoothie.  

I like strawberries and, by coincidence, the produce section just happens to be exploding with pints of the bright red fruit.  Ban…

Matzoh Gone Mainstream

Matzoh -- not just for Jews anymore.  Epicurious, a large and well-respective food site, held a  Passover matzoh taste test.   And the judges determined that several were edible! Yay!

I want to stop for a moment and comment on my enthusiasm.  Until the past couple of years, whole wheat Passover products had never graced the paper-lined seasonal shelves at the local Try-n-Save.  No amount of  fresh veggies, dried fruits or water could overcome the cardboard white-flour matzohs that were consumed during this 8-day week.  As a result, this holiday has been ...

... to put it delicately ...

... a bit binding. 

But this year, there are many whole-wheat-based items from which to choose:  matzoh, matzoh farfel, matzoh meal and matzoh cake meal as well ... even Shmura (hand-made) matzoh!  Woo-hoo!  Happy tummy!

Yes, I realize that the list sounds like the same thing over and over again which it is, but the slight differences become huge when making a recipe.  For example, matzoh meal is sim…