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Blackberry Cake

A short while back I made a blackberry cake from a recipe found at Confections of a Foodie Bride (is that a great name or what?), who adapted it from a recipe found in the recently deceased Gourmet magazine, although the original recipe can only be found at Epicurious (still with me?).

The original recipe lined the baking pan with parchment, then floured it as well; the adaptation for some reason omitted both steps.  I made the mistake of not looking at the original version; you will soon see why these are very important steps that have been re-added below in bold so you shouldn't miss it.  I don't know how FoodBride managed to get the cake out of the pan and have it look so pretty without the parchment.  Unless she greased the sucker with an entire can of Crisco. :P

If you are like me and stock buttermilk powder because the real thing would spoil before it was used up (does spoiled buttermilk turn sweet?), don't waste all that energy reconstituting it beforehand. …

Lazy Lasagna

I thought I invented Lazy Lasagna.  But it seems like half the blogs out there have invented it as well.  Most use meat, but I prefer a dairy version.

Despite it's name, lasagna noodles are not used.  Well, you COULD, if you broke up the large noodles before cooking them so as to skip the layering part.  Otherwise, use whatever type of pasta you prefer.  You can also add spinach or some other veggie to boost the nutrition.  I leave the veggies out, otherwise I would be the only one in the family to eat it.  I tried to make half-and-half one day, but the spinach decided to migrate into the veggie-free zone so from then on it remains in the veggie bin for another dish.

I keep re-shredded cheese around for when I am very lazy in a hurry, but something is added to keep the shreds from returning to their unshredded state.  If you are lazy but have a few minutes, buy a small block of cheese and go shred.  Likewise, shred or grate the parmesan cheese as well.  your taste buds will than…

Sorry 'Bout the Lack of Postings

I had been on vacation in sunny, yet cold, California the last week, which is why there haven't been any recent posts.  I had a cache of drafts I intended to post along the way, but we forgot to pack the ac adapter with the laptop, so by the time we got around to purchasing a generic one, it was almost time to go home.  Oopsie!

One of the benefits of a vacation is that others got to play chef for the week.  So except for the bar-b-que at my daughter-and-fiance's house, where I made cole slaw and strawberry tart from (mostly) memory, I enjoyed the work of others.

Here is a photo of the the ahi tuna my middleChild ordered at a seafood restaurant at Fisherman's Wharf:

He let me have a taste of the tuna (it tasted like a combination of tuna steak and sushi) and all of the pickled ginger.    What a kid!