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Oven-Fried "Yogurt" Chicken - Easy

Oven-fried chicken is so delicious, I thought I'd try a variation of a recipe posted a few years back.

Last time it was "buttermilk" chicken, where soy milk plus lemon juice equals buttermilk substitute.  But it's not thick and creamy like the real thing.  So I figured ... why not try marinating with thick and creamy parve yogurt instead?

Except there didn't seem to be a true non-dairy yogurt available at my local supermarket.  The Try-n-Save carried only one brand that, while labeled non-dairy, also sported a dairy hechsher (certification).

Until last week, when I spotted a new (to me) yogurt that was truly free of dairy cooties.

I would have preferred plain, but beggars can't be choosy.  Back in my distant past when I was a wee child, my mom would occasionally purchase those new-fangled frozen fried chicken dinners, the ones that included a tiny cup of peaches.  Being a kid, I'd eat the fruit first, slopping its syrup over the chicken.  Which made the …

Flourless (Gluten-free) Peanut-Butter Cookies

At 5PM Sunday night I suddenly wanted cookies.  Luckily I booked this recipe from Serious Eats, because it was easy to mix, bake, cool, then make and serve dinner (tacos, in case you were interested) and still have time to wash dishes and enjoy a cookie or three with a cup of tea before midnight.

Only five ingredients to make these cookies!   No flour, no dairy products (unless you count the egg) and no "strange" or exotic gluten-free products contained therein.  You probably already have all the ingredients in your kitchen.

The only change I made to the ingredients was to use granulated sugar, mostly because I didn't feel like spending time chipping away at the brick (formerly known as brown sugar) in my pantry, and because the recipe author said it was okay to use it.  She also recommended using a wooden spoon to mix the ingredients, but to save a few more nanoseconds of prep time I used my trusty ol' KitchenAid instead.  The time spent cleaning the peanut butter …