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Sauerkraut ... from scratch?

What if I told you that making your own sauerkraut was mad easy?   What if I told you that it only has two ingredients ... and that neither is vinegar?

I know what you'd say:  um ... you already told us all that yesterday.  Cabbage.  And salt.

Okay then ... besides that?

 Oh, this is so exciting, that I'll tell you now.


But before I do, to add just a touch of suspense, let me mention that you don't need any fancy-schmancy equipment.  No need to sterilize jars or covers, or boil the life out of the cabbage to get rid of bacteria.  Because THAT'S the real secret ingredient ...  bacteria.

Wait ... what?  Bacteria?

Now stop with the ewwwww.  Especially if you (by now) peeked at yesterday's post.  Because probiotics, in a ton of superfoods that you love and enjoy, are simply bacteria.  Just the good kind. The kind that makes a fermented food a superfood.  And cures everything from cancer to ingrown toenails, if you believe all the hype anyway.

But why bother maki…