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Oven Baked "Fried" Chicken

To go with the Kick-A** Horseradish-Spiked Mash Potatoes post from the other day, I had made baked "fried" chicken.  The original beta-name was chicken-baked chicken (as in chicken-fried steak, but made with chicken) ...

Kick-A** Horseradish-Spiked Mashed Potatoes

A rare time for all of us in the Oh! You Cook! household.  olderSon (Sgt. Yinon of the IDF special forces to you) has been enjoying a rare leave home with us.  middleChild is home during college spring break. theDaughter (along with her hubby) are visiting this weekend to hear her brother speak about his soldering experiences right after Purim services.  To celebrate this rare convergence of children, I made some pretty standard comfort food:  chicken, mashed potatoes with gravy, and challah.   Today I will share with you the awesomely unstandard Kick-A** Horseradish-Spiked Mashed Potatoes.