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Peach Pecan Blueberry Crumble

We interrupt my library retro theme to bring you a different retro:  a fruit-packed crumble!

Fruit crumbles have been documented as far back as the mid-1800s.  Also known as crisps, they are a baked dessert composed of layers of sliced or cut-up fruit, covered with a crumbly pastry-like top.  I like it a lot when it's made with apples, but I'm mad for crumbles/crisps when made with blueberries.  But blueberries have a relatively short season in my neck of the woods.  So in early summer when they are fresh, local and at their very best, I pick up a 6-pack of pints and stuff them deep in the freezer.  When I need some berries, I simply pull out a pint and pour out what I need.  A quick rinse and they are ready for most recipes.

Why today's blueberry thrill?