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Pasta with Balsamic Sausage and Onion Sauce, Two Ways

Spaghetti with something on it tonight,"  I said as I buzzed past theHubby, flying out the door one day last week.  "With sausages?" he said ... actually yelled since I was already half in the car.  "Sure," I answered, "why not?"  Then spent most of my commute working out something that can be on the table before midnight since I couldn't recall the last time I combined sausages and pasta before ... or ever.

Didn't really take too much thinking, since my drive to work is only 12 minutes long.

Sriracha Honey Lime-Glazed Brussels Sprouts

Do you like Brussels Sprouts?

Neither do I.

At least, that's what I thought ... until I tried a forkful of this sweet 'n spicy dish!