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Spiced Carrots in Mango Chutney Sauce - Easy

This is my second contribution to the Improv Challenge, a monthly party hosted by Frugal Antics.  All the participants are required to use two assigned ingredients and come up with an original dish.  This month's ingredients are:  Tah-dah!  Carrots and ginger.

Carrots and ginger compliment each other very nicely ... never a bad word between them (they must be Canadian).  So nicely, in fact, that I have two recipes using these very same items:  Honeyed Carrots and  Sweet and Spicy Carrot Bisque.  But, according to the rules of the Improv Challenge, I can't recycle either of them (although there's no rule having links to them ... anarchy, anarchy!).

So I had to come up with a new recipe.  Then I remembered that there was a bottle of chutney in the fridge.   Bingo!  I mentioned chutney in an earlier post, but didn't really do into detail as to what it is.  According to that authoritative source, Wise Geek, chutney is a sweet-sour jelly-like condiment made of fruit, sug…