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Jewels & Pearls Chai Tapioca Pudding - Improv Challenge

Tapioca pudding is a starch-thickened dessert.  In this case, the starch used is (wait for it ... ) tapioca, made from cassava root and produced as powdered starch or hard bubble-like grains (or "lumps" as I used to call it in my youth).   Tapioca in the latter form doesn't totally dissolve, instead becoming translucent, suspended pearls dispersed throughout the pudding.   There are different sizes of tapioca pearls available, and even an instant style.  The largest pearl size is great in bubble tea, but I prefer small pearl for pudding.

Tapioca pudding is a creamy rich-tasting dessert, even without the eggs you had planned to use but when you finally got around to making the pudding they were way past the "use by" date so you decided to go vegan instead of just parve.

The origin of this recipe comes courtesy of the Improv Challenge, a link-up party where participants create a recipe from the same two assigned ingredients.  This month's ingredients are car…