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Slow Cooker Mexican Lasagna - And a Giveaway!

A reporter from the local Jewish newspaper called me yesterday afternoon, asking if he could do a feature story on me and my new cookbookWhaaat?  Like I'd say no?  Oy!  I'm so verclempt I could plotz!To celebrate this auspicious occasion, today's post is a recipe from the cookbook just for you, Dear Reader, as a token of my appreciation for reading my blog all these years.  Or for the first time.  In any event, you guys are the best!

Oh, and I am also giving away a free copy of my cookbook to one lucky Dear Reader!  Such a deal!  See below for the gory details.

I made a batch of slow cooker Mexican Lasagna yesterday.  I planned to follow the recipe exactly as printed in the cookbook.  I really did.  But for some reason the local Try-n-Save didn't have corn tortillas in stock.  Not any in the Mexican food aisle.  None in the dairy case.  None. Zero. Zilch.   They did have several brands of taco shells (which don't work as well because straight out of the box the…