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Easy Citrus Olive Mix - Guest Post

I've been a little lazy these last few weeks.  Luckily I was able to con ... I mean convince my longtime friend and co-worker to provide today's post.

I've known Juley since our oldest kids were about 2 years old.  We met at a Mommy-and-Me program held at the local YM-YWHA, and started a friendship that continues to this day, a million years later (give or take).  I'll let Juley continue from here to introduce an awesomely delicious recipe that takes less time to assemble than to list the few ingredients!


A couple of years ago, the township where I live tried to hold a weekly Farmer’s Market in the parking lot right next to the library where I work. There was one vendor who sold various kinds of pickles and olive blends. I fell in love with their Mediterranean Blend. Alas, the Farmer’s Market is no more and I had to give the treat up.

Flash forward to this past May, when on a trip to Rome, we found restaurants and bistros that served wonderful little dishes o…